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Dave Kellet: Man Of The People

So it seems that there’s a newspaper comic out there called Unfit by a guy named Mike Belkin; don’t feel bad — I hadn’t heard of it either. Anyway, it seems that Belkin is looking to reduce his role and have somebody else take over the art. What’s interesting about this is how the artist search is being conducted: Scott Adams of Dilbert fame posted an open call in his blog, and got about 80 serious entries. Those got posted, and from votes and comments in the blog, the list has been cut to 15 finalists.

One of them is Dave “Alyson Hannigan’s favorite cartoonist” Kellet (no, we’re not ever going to stop linking that story; did you not see that photo?). Says Kellet:

… opportunities are increasingly rare in the land of syndication, so I thought I’d draw up two quick samples. In any case, those two quick samples made it to the final round of “voting”… so I thought I’d spread the word. Folks can vote by commenting on Adams’ blog [at the bottom of this page].

PS: By no means whatsoever would this mean the end of Sheldon … it’s just a new project that I’d be taking on.

Now I’d be more than happy to point you all to Kellet’s entries (which are currently ranked below some much less quality work), just based on the fact that he does some great webcomics work, but two other things are motivating me today. First is that Kellet added:

Please ask that folks avoid ballot stuffing, etc. That kind of shit gets really old on web voting. I’d really like their vote only if it’s genuinely the one they’d pick.

That’s a stand-up guy right there. Dave Kellet is like the Thomas Edison of having integrity. The second is that if Kellet wins this gig, I’m going to hit him up for an interview about what syndication is really like, and follow up with him at regular intervals to see how having a boss meets (or doesn’t) his expectations. Heck, I’ll be talking with him anyway about the siren song of syndication, what he would want from it, and how it fits in his plans to conquer the world from the comics page. Check out the contenders, vote for Kellet if you like his work best, and watch this space for more information.

The article at MemePool that I figured you would take as another excuse to write an article suggests that Scott Adams is Mike Belkin.

But now I think that Dave Kellet is not only Mike Belkin, but also secretly Scott Adams. And maybe Scott Kurtz as well.

Dave Kellet is one of the best cartoonists around, so I don’t understand why he wants to be associated with Unfit. It was advertised on Scott Adams’ page as “the funniest comic in ages” or something to that effect, but after a series of bland jokes I just gave up on it.

Thanks for the kind words, Alexis. A box of Krispy Kremes await you when you get home tonight.

As for Unfit: Lord knows it’s not solid in its current incarnation, or they wouldn’t be seeking new blood.

Silly rabbit. Once he’s syndicated, he will no longer be one of us. He will be one of them! He will be FULLY ASIMILATED!

Just kidding. I’m very glad this gig goes to a deserving cartoonist. One that isn’t only talented, but ALSO a total class act.

Too bad this story didn’t go out when the call was still out. This is like Webcomic Idol! Except not really!

Is it more like “The Apprentice”, or “American Idol”?

It’s like Sketchbattle! Only, you know, not rigged!

Man, If I’d known about the donuts I wouldn’t have stayed at the library tonight.

I actually don’t envy Scott/Mike this decision. There are a lot of pretty solid samples that you could go with in that slate…at least 4 or 5, in my mind, could do the job.

So the odds are that I won’t get the spot, but still, it’s a unique sort of tryout situation.

There are some good ones, but there are some whose drawing styles just. aren’t. funny.

And I don’t think some of those fonts work at all in the samples that aren’t hand-worded. At least choose a font that looks hand-writing-ish.

Dave Kellet is like the Thomas Edison of having integrity.

You mean he electrocutes the pets of small children in order to discredit the Nikola Tesla of having integrity?

Finally! Finally someone who gets me…who gets what I’m all about!

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