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Hey, Did You See The ClickWheel Thing Just Down There? This Post Is Nothing Like It

John Allison asked about a month ago if he should reprint his first Scary Go Round collection, Looks, Brains and Everything, and the audiences of the inernets said, “Yes, please”. Well, he’s a man of his word. If you don’t own the first SGR collection, now’s your chance to order it and reinforce John’s faith in humanity. If you asked for it and don’t order it, you’re an evil bastard and you’re going to hell. Come on, people! Zombie Shelley! New cover art! Unruly charges! This is cooler than the way-hot art chick I saw wearing the Eggbert shirt at the MoMA Pixar exhibit!

Also on this fine Monday, what will probably be the final word on Child’s Play 2005: the long-awaited $20,000 guest appearance is finally here. As Tycho remarks in today’s newspost:

Many stories about the man who donated that money bubbled to the surface that night. Was he a friend to young people, fashioned from transient living snow? Ex-game developer, perhaps. Possible vampire, dispensing a hoard of ancestral wealth over lonely centuries. I even heard (actually, for real heard it) that he was the luminous counterpart to Jack Thompson: a lawyer who used his powers for good, not evil.

Truth is, his name is Christian Boggs, and he deserves your praise and thanks. Thank you, Christian Boggs.

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