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An Important Reference Guide

It’s not clear how long Mike Reed has been cataloging the various forms of Flamers out there.

But his work is just hysterical. The art is really well executed, and he’s got a consistent style and a lot of visual appeal. The writing is pithy and to the point.

I like this a lot.

Very funny.

Spot on. Mike Reed should get a tasty biscuit for this one.

That’s the other review site :)

It’s been almost two years since he last updated.

I still have his old site on my favorites.

One of the difficulties of this work we’re trying to do is this:

There’s nothing to say about new comics, because there isn’t enough of it to tell a story about.

On the other hand, there’s no guarantee that old work is still current or valid, or even updating.

it’s really interesting from a psychological point of view, few to nove of these archetypes could ever translate to the offline world.

N othing constructive to add, but that was awesome. I kept saying to myself “Yeah. I know them.” Or worse: “Yeah. I’ve BEEN them.” Really worth anyone who’s participated in online forums’s time to read. There’s a chuckle or a memory in every page.

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