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It’s Like A Dream Come True

About four weeks ago, we mentioned that RStevens was teasing us with a reunion of Maura & Clango.

Today, it happens.

But he’s still playing with us. The title of the strip is “To Boink, Perchance To Scream”. And Maura does not seem pleased to wake up next to her old toaster. In fact, Clango doesn’t look ecstatically happy either.

There’s more going on in today’s strip that it seems at first. For something that pretends to be as much of a gag strip as it possibly can be, Diesel Sweeties goes very deep into complex relationships between people – without turning it into DRAMA. It’s one of Rich’s gifts as a writer, to express intricate emotional nuances and the interplay between people without being gratuitous about it. I suppose it helps that most of his characters are shallow, and thus not as willing to indulge in the dubious joys of high drama, but Rich still brings a deft and subtle touch to this aspect of writing.

And now I wish I knew if International Brotherhood of Naked Ladies had a local chapter in my area…

Stevens writes in kind of a punny poetic hipster prose that I have always liked. You don’t really see it anywhere else. Plus, you know, pixels and junk.

I love diesel sweeties but I never know what the hell is going on in it!

it was a lie! damn you rstevens

I want a voodoo ouija board so bad

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