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All Webcomic Artists Lie

Jeffrey Rowland bitched the other day that “nobody noticed” his “six year” anniversary.

Jeff Rowland is not married.

Jeff Rowland ran When I Grow Up for three years.

Then he ran Wigu for three years. Then he did something else for three weeks or so. Then he returned again to Wigu, and then he switched completely to Overcompensating. (I’ll believe a long form version of Wigu when I see it, Mr. Rowland. And even then, only when there are several episodes!)

Six years?


He’s only been in the business for two years.

That seems about true. I mean, if the Simpsons started a spinoff that ran for two years, people wouldn’t say that the spin-off was as old as The Simpsons original. It’s its own show, right?

As is Overcompensating!

Everybody should celebrate fun anniversaries! My e-mail account is nearly a year and a half old! I’m thinking of getting rid of the spam as my gift to it.

You God-damned bitches.

What’s with the constant crudeness? Is it really necessary?

You bet your shitfucking cockstomping asswhistle it is.

Pissfart dicknut ballthrusts.

Also, colostomy bags.

And with that reply, Jeph can now also be connected to Sexy Losers, by way of Touro’s foul-mouthed ‘friend’ in the ‘Seduction of Madame X’ strips.

The conquest continues.

Happy birthday Jeffrey!

You stole my virginity, Mr. Roland. I’ll see you in rape court.

Pissfart dicknut ballthrusts.

That’s my new favorite phrase. :D

you dudes can’t spell.

Actually, I believe that Mr. Rowland did When I Grow Up for about 15 months, then ended it and did something else for about 4 weeks before returning to When I Grow Up for another 14 months.

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