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Monday Morning Round-Up

Okay, so it’s not Monday morning anymore. Bite me.

Sylvan Migdal got really scary in Ascent today (quick shot here of the last panel in case you don’t have a Graphic Smash subscription). For those who lived through the 80s, a Diff’rent Strokes reference is bad enough, but to bring up The Nancinator from the Very Special Episode about Drugs? Scary.

Second, if you haven’t seen the discussion about how Jeph Jacques threatens every webcomic and person you love, go read it quick. And thanks to Tropylium for informing us that there is a fairly comprehensive list of crossovers that can be easily referenced. When I wrote the crossover piece, I was actually thinking that we need something like that, but graphical (spurred, no doubt by Nic’s suggestion along the lines of the music map). And much like Nic, it should not be done by me, as I am a lazy, lazy man.

So, one of you talented programmers should get in touch with L.P. Hogan of the Crossover & Cameo Archive, mine through the data, and build a graphical display that shows crossovers between strips. Once that’s done, we’ll have a contest. First person to come up with a webcomic that existed with at least x (to be determined) number of strips on date y (ditto) that wouldn’t be affected by the QC/OCalypse gets a Fleen t-shirt.

(Contest void where prohibited by law, which probably includes wherever you are. Chances of winning highly dependent on there someday being Fleen shirts, but I wouldn’t hold your breath if I were you.)

You’re going to get sued by that woman who was told she’d win a “Toyota” and got a “Toy Yoda” instead.

So sued.

…a Diff’rent Strokes reference is bad enough…


Oh what have I done sob sob

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