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One Hundred and Forty Seven Reasons Not To Role-Play

Aaron William‘s Full Frontal Nerdity is a weekly comic strip about three four role-playing gamers.

If, somehow, you’re geeky enough to be reading a daily (or mostly daily) blog about webcomics, but have never actually played any role-playing games, then Full Frontal Nerdity will give you the complete experience, from the friendships with your fellow gamers to the cameraderie you develop, and the pleasures of sharing food to the thrill of the games themselves.

If you have role-played before, then this may remind you of the good times

It’s a faithful rendition of a tedious experience.

Thanks for posting about this comic. It’s completely new to me, and so far, I like what I see. My only problem is with the constant use of bold text, but I guess maybe that’s just a style choice.

Yes, the bold text is a questionable (at best) style choice.

My basic argument is that the comic is so well done that it is exactly as dull as role-playing, and thus self-defeating. Well, I guess I mean “so well written” in the sense that it fully captures the experience.

It’s kind of like professional golf television, in that way. When you start looking forward to the ads for shoe cleats, you know something’s gone horribly wrong somewhere.

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