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Object of geek affection Alyson Hannigan was seen sporting a copy of Dave Kellet’s Pure Ducky Goodness (first print collection from Sheldon). It’s probably overstating the case to assume that Hannigan is a fan of Sheldon or any of the other Blank Label Comics (although, maybe she picked up some tendencies from well-known geek Seth Green during their time on Buffy). More than likely it was a set dresser or prop monkey that provided the book, but it’s entirely possible that Ms Hannigan is a fan of our prefered artform.

However cool this is, Howard Tayler may have jumped the gun in declaring his collective as the first to get a webcomic on TV. Depending on how you stretch your terms, that honor may go to Dumbrella, thanks to one of Jeff Rowland’s Topatoco shirts appearing on VH1 (and previously in Overcompensating). But there’s no disputing that having Alyson Hannigan touch your product is the cooler of the two events, and if I were Kellet, I’d be claiming a close personal friendship with the flame-haired goddess about now.

Edit: Consensus is emerging that Alyson Hannigan is indeed a fan of Sheldon. It is now incumbent upon Dave Kellet to use this situation for the good of all. And by that, I mean influencing Ms Hannigan to read, love, and publicly promote many other webcomics and uh, webcomics blog contributors.

First all-ages photo indeed. Yikes!

I recall someone else having a comic on Everyone Loves Raymond once… I can’t remember what it was though… I think someone’s comic booth was used or something.

AUGUST 12, 2005.

(And yes, G4 is SO national TV exposure 53 million homes, baby! And upwards of 47,000 viewers in primetime, baby! And a complete and utter lack of Bob Saget-from-the-future narraration, baby!)

(Congrats to Dave, though, that’s incredibly cool.)

Yeah, BLC wasn’t the first to TV. Maybe the first to TV associated with someone I’d totally do it with. No offense to Mekkes.

True, Bob Saget is a SEXY BEAST.

I’d like to think my 1997 appearance on the television series “COPS” would count for something.

I believe that Dave Kellet’s wife writes for the show, which is possibly part of the reason.

Does appearing on television as part of a nationally syndicated Public Execution show in the year 2035 count? I promise to hold up a Melonpool book for as long as I can during the crucifixion.

Dave would have to confirm, but I believe Allyson is actually a huge fan of Sheldon.

And yes, Dave’s wife Gloria is indeed a writer for “How I Met Your Mother”.

Dave won’t be able to confirm personally, because he’s taking a vacation from the Internet until February 5th.

Alyson Hannigan was at the launch party for Dave and Gloria’s books, and yes, she’s a Sheldon fan. But aren’t ALL wonderful people Sheldon fans?

Um, I was on “It’s Academic” in 1981. Does that count?

[…] Congrats to Rich Burlew for cracking the mainstreamish press, and if you’re a creator with a collection coming out? Throw a copy in an envelope to the press and/or Alyson Hannigan. Can’t hurt. […]

[…] One of them is Dave “Alyson Hannigan’s favorite cartoonist” Kellet (no, we’re not ever going to stop linking that story; did you not see that photo?). Says Kellet: … opportunities are increasingly rare in the land of syndication, so I thought I’d draw up two quick samples. In any case, those two quick samples made it to the final round of “voting”… so I thought I’d spread the word. Folks can vote by commenting on Adams’ blog [at the bottom of this page]. […]

[…] Of interest is the fact that pretty much none of this requires a slavish adherence to the premise of the strip; it’s all just funny whether Sheldon has his billions or not. Add it all together, and you’ve got some seriously good stuff. And don’t take his ability to mock nerdery at face value … he may act all cool around the chicks, but those Klingon warship interiors (page 69) look pretty authentic. So go grab a copy of Pure Ducky Goodness, and if you run into Alyson Hannigan (of course I’m mentioning her again, and I will continue to do so until the inevitable restraining order), be sure to kneel in thanks to Dave Kellett. […]

[…] Fleen: Any bump in readership from the Alyson Hannigan product placement? Can you get me her autograph? It’s, uh, for my wife. […]

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