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Something To Watch For

Molly McCausland’s Tea For Three hasn’t quite hit it’s running legs yet. She’s not kept a strict update schedule, she hasn’t established a clear artistic style or voice, and her characters are a bit stereotypical. Yes, one of them has a French accent. It’s a little more plausible here, since the strip is set in England and the character is an international spy (which is a cheap writer’s trick in it’s own right, but…)

But as far as relatively new comics go, this is better than a lot of them. From the writing side of things, she is really trying to establish a coherent story, and trying to show different facets of her characters in the right situations for those facets to come out. She’s trying to tell her story, rather than someone else’s.

Her artwork is improving, and you can see the raw edges of her artistic voice coming out from the background as she gets more strips done. Just the amount of improvement already shows that there’s a good amount of talent underneath.

So spend an hour or two reading the archives – you might have trouble with the next & previous buttons, so use the archive view – and check back in with Tea For Three in a month or two to see where things are.

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Someone should make something like the music map for webcomics.

Someone meaning not me, of course.

Found this one a couple days back. It’s not too shabby. I always like when the improvement shows throughout the work, for some reason that provides me a beacon of hope.

Dear lord it’s me! Fantastic!

Thanks for your comments! I will definitely try to improve!

T43 is a fab comic, I think it shows real talent! Well done Molly. Keep up the fantastic work!

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