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This Is New

So we’ve been getting a fair number of newsbox mentions, blog links, trackbacks, pingbacks, humpbacks, whatever, since Fleen started up.

Today, Fleen makes it into an actual strip.

Creators take note: we may be geeks with fragile egos, but name-checking us in your strip and giving us originals will not impair our journalistic integrity even a little bit. For us, providing the matches for fights and flamewars is reward enough.

I’m not sure what the deal is between Diablo and Pontus — I didn’t even know they knew each other — but I’m staying the hell out of this one. Pontus, you can say what you’d like about the chicken, but lay off my parents. After all, I just laid off your mom.

lol go pontus the eastern europeean block has your back bro – we supply the guns if needed. Seriously LG Love around here – no such thing for the otherz ;)

I love how badass Eastern European speak is derived from the lingo of poor Americans.


Don’t stop the rock.

seriously i was trying to use language that one could understand. if u prefer cockney, scottish, irish, russian, hungarian or romanian slanting – maybe i should record it for you with a tipical “soviet speaking english” – or maybe not

It’s not getting the originals that’s the problem.

It’s the contact drugs on them. So that if you want the sweet blend of Heroin, DMSO and india ink on bristol board to continue, you’ll make with the comments.

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