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Big Book of Rankings: Webcomics About Shit Demons


Belphegor is a shit demon. Well, actually, he’s the Lord of the Shit Demons. He puts the Poopmonster to shame. The Belphegor Webcomic is about his adventures as a patsy ruler of an infernal Resistance Party. It also contains some odd, but funny, diversions about Skittles and A Duck, and Dinosaurs With Lasers, but you can ignore those. Artistically, this is not the best comic around – the typography in particular breaks most of Fleen’s rules for typography. But this is one of those cases where the rules can be bent a little without resulting in disaster. Declan O’Connell manages to keep his text legible even though the fonts are all over the place. The jokes are pretty consistant, and unless you hate left-wing politics, pretty funny. I admit, though, that I’m distinctly part of Declan’s target audience (well, technically, I’ve lapsed.). B-

A Sjoberg reference?

Fifty points!

How does one lapse from being a Unitarian?

How does one lapse from being a Unitarian?

By choosing to drink coffee and discuss religion with your friends without going to “church”.

That, and you remove the “Honk if you’re not sure.” bumper sticker from your car.

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