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Swag Roundup

There are neat things for you to see and maybe to buy!

John A. has released the cover to The Retribution Index, the forthcoming Scary Go Round book #4. Since it has been scientifically proved that SGR equals wonderfulness, you should start counting the seconds until the release of this book. Count, damn you!

Penny Arcade’s forthcoming collectible card game has what looks like finished box art over at the PA newsbox (scroll down to the fourth item). Congrats also to Hawk from Applegeeks; I met him by random chance at SPX ’05, and we talked a bit about the coloring job he did for Gabe’s card art. Looks like a damn fine job, too.

With a post-mortem celebrity resembling that of a mutant Princess Diana, the Cyclops Kitty makes an appearance in today’s Questionable Content. Now normally, an in-strip t-shirt design has the potential to become a money-spinner for Jeph Jacques, but he notes:

To answer everyone’s questions, yes that is a little tribute to Cy the Cyclops Kitty on Raven’s shirt. To answer a lot of people’s second questions, no I will not be putting that design on t-shirts to sell. The notion of profiting off the posthumous fame of a goddamn kitten is, to put it mildly, distasteful.

Naturally, not everybody shares his sense of restraint, so if you were planning on trying to profit off the posthumous fame of a goddamn kitten, get in line. Seriously, this one just feels forced. The only thing that strikes me as less necessary would be if one of those 1000 or so Batgirls was also a cyclops kitty. Please don’t take that as a suggestion.

Unlike the adorable cyclops kitten and his best pal Jeph Jacques, we’re going to HELL!

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