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Something A Bit More Official

We have previously reported on the failure of Vault Distribution and the impact it had on the creators that were involved. At that time, we also pointed out that there now an open niche in the market and creators who were looking for someone to help sell their stuff. (As a side note, if you’re one of the small distributors out there, and are looking for some exposure – please use our contact form to tell us your story.)

Yesterday, we received the following press release, sent out by Neil G.

From: [VAULT] Neil g []
Sent: Sunday, January 15, 2006 9:06 PM
Subject: [Press Release] VAULT closed / information


You are receiving this email because you were involved with and/or We thank all of the people involved for a good 5 year run and are honored to have served and bettered the internet community. Unfortunately, some things come to a tragic end and one of those things was VAULT, as an unexpected, chronic illness snuck in under our noses and disabled several of our key staffmembers for longer than ever expected. Unfortunately, all of our previous contact emails have been shut down, so if you have tried to contact us recently we will not have received the email. VAULT Distribution is now closed for good – details can be found here:

Clients with outstanding invoices will be contacted shortly, and we will work with anyone who needs their merchandise sent back to them or to another distributor, or any other issues that are pending. Health is improving to the point where we can tie up any loose ends quickly and aggressively if needed© with the warehouse closed, we want to get merchandise returned for all accounts that are paid up ASAP. Such clients will be contacted later in the evening.

Thank you for your time – and a special thanks to those who have worked with us over the years for this very interesting experience in marketing.

Neil g

There is a slightly different version of this announcement up on their website, which contains a list of all the people who had supported them in the past, and deserve your support now. This is a nice gesture, but oddly it includes Neil G’s Robotstories.

I believe that everyone on the list has already found a new distributor – or has one in the works. For example, on Thursday TopatoCo announced that they were taking over distribution for Daily Dinosaur Comics and White Ninja Comics.

So the it was the CHRONIC!!?


Don’t be blunt, man.

I think it was the constant diet of Fritos and Second Life, myself.

It’s the CHRONIC- WHA?–ILES of Vault Distribution…

Topatoco is handling distribution for myself and Little Gamers as well. Jeff is a veritable Dayfree-distributing machine!

Their sales suddenly dropped by half? Gosh, that is CURIOUS. I wonder if anyone in this thread could shed any light on such an inexplicable and out-of-the-blue event.

[…] Special note must also be made of the amazing job that Allison does in dealing with the business end of comics as a job: from the day that he asked if there was support for this book to the day he announced its availability was less than a month. One order via PayPal was processed the same day, and arrived across an ocean (and through the Great Northeastern Blizzard of Aught-Six) in one week. That’s a lot of logistics and follow-up to expect from one person working solo, and producing a comic five times a week. Given the disastrous implosion of Vault Distribution not so long ago, it’s good to remind ourselves what top-notch service in webcomics merch looks like. […]

Its very disappointing how I can announce that my wife and I became ill, and people callously try to find any other reason they can to explain our problems other than the truth of two very serious, complex illnesses that hit a couple that simply wanted to make a difference in webcomics… while my wife, even 6 months later, spends her days in bed in agonizing pain with yet still no diagnosis. Sam Logan was the only client that actually asked if we were okay and what was wrong. It is, as they say, just business. And then it is a circus. Good riddance.

I will also add that the email posted above was a private email between my clients and I. We did not email this website nor give them permission to post the above email.

[…] Mauled by hooved animals? Robot armada invasions? Wha? (Operation Freedom Showers). Looks like the weird story of Vault Distribution is being revived. […]

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