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A Bit More On PVComics

While this is very old news, I recently had a conversation with D.J. Coffman about the demise of PVComics.

PVComics went offline sometime early last year – D.J. said that it had been gone for over a year now but it had actually been floundering for a bit before that.

The bare facts of the matter are that Logan DeAngelis got too busy with ComixPress to continue to manage and direct PVComics. And the domain and intellectual property still reside soundly in Logan’s hands… so nobody else can really pick it up and carry on.

PVComics started out trying to provide a creator centric subscription model, acting more as a service collective than as a publishing house. When it became clear that almost nobody was making any money off of the subscription business, PVComics switched to other business models, and ended up basically a pure service collective.

And then D.J. had this great idea… why shouldn’t someone start a print-on-demand service specializing in webcomics that was just as creator focused as PVComics was…? And so he mentioned it to Logan and…

All of the big plans and high hopes of PVComics members quietly went by the wayside.

D.J. says that the break up was amicable, and that he was happy to get the dishes and that rug that really pulled the front room together, and that he’s glad that all the PVComics alums are still friends.

Of course if any of you out there have a different side of this story, and would like to tell it – we all know that the webcomics industry doesn’t have nearly enough drama on a regular basis, so do your part to keep us all entertained by sending me some email or writing some comments or use the contact form.

Ha! I really wish there was some juicy gossip to go around there, Jeff!

Hey! Can Someone add to the webcomics link list please? Thanks!

Well shit, since we’re just coming out and asking, throw Ugly Hill up there while you’re at it! I love the direct approach!

Also, I heard DJ Coffman broke up PV Comics by having too much gay sex.

*doesn’t say anything*.


If by GAY you mean I was having some really happy sex with a woman, then YES. That is totally the reason!

Is there a better reason for breaking up a collective than having happy happy sex? I mean, come ‘on.

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