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Duh Nuh Nuh Nuh NUH Nuh Nuh Nuh BATGIRRRRLLLL!

The newest webcomics meme has hit over at LiveJournal.

People are drawing Batgirl! Webcomics types like Meredith Gran (Mer gets top billing because she designed our kickass masthead — thanks, Mer!), Ian Jones-Quartey, Brian Lee O’Malley, Abby L., R Stevens, Vera Brosgol, Ryan Estrada, Ryan North, Lem, Kean Soo, and Kristopher Straub have taken a whack at drawing the commissioner’s daughter. Also Andy Runton. Okay, Andy works in the print comics world, but Owly is too cute for words, and you should go buy all of his books.

And that’s just the people whose names caught my eye when scrolling down the list — as of this writing, there are nearly 500 entries. The whole thing apparently got kicked off with a link to some old character proposals by Andi Watson (buy all his books, too). Favorite so far: Jeff Rowland, reminding us that even superheroes need some “alone time”.

I think I jumped on this bandwagon way too late.

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