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Comics Return, National Panic Averted

What with Clickwheel blurring the lines and all, you could argue that Homestar Runner is or is not deserving of mention here. But one thing is certain: Strong Bad is himself a comics creator, and you see his comics on the web, so….

Anyway, after a month of no updates, H*R has an update. Thrill as the aforementioned Mr Bad skewers every terrible Hanna-Barbera “Hey, chums, let’s go solve a wacky mystery!” cartoon of my youth. You know that somewhere, Frank Welker is laughing at this, too.

Also after a month or so, Kestrel and her crew are continuing their commented countdown towards … um … something that starts with a “k” sound. Queen of Wands reruns with DVD commentary track, for your enjoyment.

Lastly, we commented earlier on Owen Dunne’s computer loss and revival. Not only is You Damn Kid back, but he’s launched a new strip called My New Mommy (check out the intro here), and revived the hiatused Norman P. Function and the deliciously deranged Nippleshine Manor. That’s four separate strips, for which Dunne has set himself an ambitious update schedule of eleven strips per week (including color Sunday YDK). Here’s hoping that life doesn’t conspire against him, because his work’s always entertaining.

Moe is stealthily updating once more, also.

[…] Gary ‘Bout six months back or so, we told you about Owen Dunne’s retooling of You Damn Kid to contain four separate projects: the aforementioned (and optioned) YDK, backup strip The Beevnicks, secondary backup strip Nippleshine Manor, and emergency redundant tertiary backup strip My New Mommy. […]

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