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Item! The Ryan named Estrada reports that he’s teamed up with LiveJournal to produce a comic about semi-beloved LJ mascot Frank. Says Estrada:

Yeah, this is an official LJ comic. It’s being announced in the mid-January LJ newsletter on the 15th, and will be linked to on the front page of Livejournal, right where the picture of Frank is as soon as it launches. I’ve been working closely with the LJ team on this, though they seem content to give me creative control and let me run with it.

And for you beloved readers, Ryan passed along a link to a super-secret preview of the new strip!

Item! Another view on the topic of giving up control of a character, this one from Lore Sjoberg. Okay, it’s mostly to do with his upcoming flash animation project (link not yet live), but it does relate to his existing character (and star of Lore Brand Comics), Lore. Here at Fleen, we like just saying Lore! Lore, Lore, Lore, Lore, Lore, Lore!

Item! Jeph Jacques linked to us. Prepare for Fleen to be slower for a few days, as we undergo the emo-equivalent of getting wanged.

Item! Speaking of meltdowns: dying computers have recently hit strips as diverse as GPF and You Damn Kid, prompting Owne Dunne to redesign his site and add a blog complete with picture. He asks rhetorically, Do I look like you imagined? What with the sudden influx of sexy photos noted a few days ago, we’re awash in webcomicker visuals these days. This is just like finding out what Scott Simon looks like and saying, “Huh.”

Item! Speaking of nothing in particular, John Allison has gone cameo crazy. And kudos to Mr Allison for how well the unexpected pairing of Dark Esther and Erin Winters has developed. From unlikely beginnings, a great friendship has blossomed.

And, finally, Matt Buchwald has been named spokesman for the webcomics greats. Any and all complaints may be directed to him.

Oh God, what have I gotten myself into?

Though I suppose now I mite link back to you guys.

Speaking of links, you linked to me a few days ago and my numbers went up a bit. Thanks! Unfortunately I’m on holidays until Monday. In the meantime, I guess it’s a chance to catch up on reading some other neglected comics.

It has come to my notice that I submit things too hastily, thus causing various silly typos. This lends me an air of not knowing what I’m talking about. And, incidentally this quality makes me the modal spokesman.

Thus, feel free to ask me anything and I will be sure to give you an answer that might appear to make sense, but almost assuredly does not.

We knew that if we said “Lore” often enough, he’d link back to us.

[…] Lastly, we commented earlier on Owen Dunne’s computer loss and revival. Not only is You Damn Kid back, but he’s launched a new strip called My New Mommy (check out the intro here), and revived the hiatused Norman P. Function and the deliciously deranged Nippleshine Manor. That’s four separate strips, for which Dunne has set himself an ambitious update schedule of eleven strips per week (including color Sunday YDK). Here’s hoping that life doesn’t conspire against him, because his work’s always entertaining. […]

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