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The Greatest Love Of All

The very first strip of RSteven‘s Diesel Sweeties introduces us to Maura and Clango, who are clearly madly in love. Maura is a porn star and Clango is a robot. But you knew that, because you’ve been paying at least a little bit of attention to this thing we call webcomics.

One thousand and eighty three strips later, Maura cheats on Clango. And they break up.

But today… Ah! Today, Rich decides to play with us.

Will the greatest lovers in webcomics get back together?

I’m glued to my screen.

No, really.

Where’s that acetone?

I’ve been reading RS3’s digital soap opulence since strip 32, and this, eye-emm-oh, would be the biggest upset in DS history!
A wagon-ridin’, sauce-less Maura would shake the very fabric out of which these inter-nets are built!
My two spider-cents are tingling.

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