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You Shrank My Bandwagon!

Apparently, T Campbell read the previous Fleen article and realized that his competitors were a step ahead of him again.

So he re-launched Clickwheel.

Now I’m going to have to try this out for myself and see how bad it is to watch cartoons or read comics on my iPod.

Once I get my less-than-a-month-old iPod working again. Hooray for AppleCare!

iPods are supposed to work? Got one for my wife for Christmas and it still doesn’t work. Hrm.

Not to bust your balls, but the Clickwheel thing has been going on awhile now behind the scenes contract wise–- maybe it was Crosby, who was in on the re-launch himself as Superosity is running there, pushed to launch the ipod thing BEFORE Clickwheel–

Who knows if any of it is worth a damn though or not. I’ll be sure to REPORT THE TRUTH! heh…

And not to bust on Clickwheel’s balls, but the thing has launched, and no one has been paid their “advance” yet. I’m sure T is looking into it.

I know that Clickwheel has been in the works for a while.

I’m just annoucing that it has.. gone live? Is that the phrase he wants?

We’ve been planning the Keentoons Video Podcast Network for months, the timing of the launch has nothing at all to do with Clickwheel (which I certainly hope will be a success, and not just because myself and other Keenspot creators are making comics for it).

Also, fun fact: I’m looking at my own Clickwheel comic SUPEROSITY on my iPod right now, and not only does it look nicer than it does on the web (higher resolution), the panels are LARGER than they are on the web.

So, at least in this particular case, Clickwheel GREW (or “blew up,” in reference to movie classic HONEY, I BLEW UP THE BABY) the battleship/bandwagon.

SCRATCH THAT: They’re not actually bigger than they are on the average computer screen, but they looked like it at first glance to me because the resolution is so much higher.

I gotta see what the heck these comics look like on these things!

DJ: Tinier but shinier.

Which I guess would be a pretty good slogan for Clickwheel.

Please direct all royalties to my PayPal account.

“Tinier but shinier.” I like that.

I also appreciate that Jeff’s tryin’ it out at least. We have a long road ahead of us, but there WAS a time when comics on the Inter-net seemed sorta iffy. The huge download times, the poor resolution, the weird ideas… I really wished people would wise up and start buying real comic books instead. This was 1996 or so, I think.

Right now we’re busy on many fronts, but one of them is collecting contracts from everyone whose contract ensures they get an advance. If we haven’t taken care of this in two weeks from launch, DJ has my permission to kick me in the nuts as often as he wants. And I mean in reality, not in his strip.

Finally, one tiny correction: I’m editor of the site but not its boss. That title belongs to William Simons. We work closely together, but ultimately he’s the one who relaunches the relaunchin’…

Oh, and I’m not sure Keenspot really counts as “my competitor” when not only is SUPEROSITY on Clickwheel but PENNY AND AGGIE is on Keenspot and Keentoons is doing animation and Clickwheel isn’t and I don’t even RUN Clickwheel…

I’m not really as all-powerful as it might seem. I’m just a multitasker who’s lucky to find good collaborators.

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