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Official Announcement On Wigu

If you noticed Jeff Rowland’s initial announcements at Overcompensating regarding changes in how you get your crack Wigu, you saw that there was a super-official announcement forthcoming.

Here it is. Short attention span version:

Jeffrey Rowland, the most talented, handsomest, and strongest member of the Dumbrella alliance has recently announced that his formerly daily comic strip “Wigu” will be updating soon in a monthly format. This American Manga is planned to be released in paper format on a monthly basis, with the online version released a few weeks after the paper version is firmly planted in the hands of its insatiable readers…. Rowland has yet to decide on a printer for this independently published work of mind-boggling genius, but insists that it will be released by February 1 even if he has to hand-print each copy with his own wretched blood on shreds of stolen toilet paper.

In support of Mr Rowland, Fleen will be accepting donations of both blood and toilet paper. Contact us for details on where to send both.

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