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You Shrank My Battleship!

Everyone knows that newspaper comics have been shrinking in size for years.

And pretty much this is half the reason they suck so much. The focus has moved away from complex artwork and complex dialog (because it can’t be reproduced… there’s that legibility thing again!) to simpler artwork and shorter “quippier” dialog. The change in visible real estate has had a huge impact on the art style and art direction of comics made these days. If newspapers were still printed the size they used to be, and comics were still given full widths, do you think the characters in The Boondocks would have such big heads?

So why, really, why?

Why would you want to view comics on a 2.5″ iPod screen? Even animated comics?


I wouldnt… but for those who want to… I’ll gladly give them some comics of mine..



DJ, you whore.

Does that mean Clickwheel is going to be unsuccessful?

Because that news will make T Campbell cry.

A whore does it for free… I think. Maybe I’m just a prostitute?

that news will make T Campbell cry.

If I can make one comic artist a day cry, my mission here is a success. ;-)

Hey, sometimes you need something to do on the subway.

What’s wrong with staring out the window and drooling, like everyone else?

Animation looks and plays great on the iPod screen.

Comics generally do not, though. Partly because they have to be read, and partly because they were not originally formatted for the proportions and size of an iPod screen so they look weird.

But who knows? Young people tend to have very good eyesight.

Animation looks and plays great on the iPod screen.

You mean good animation?

I can’t imagine an animated version of Balwin’s Bruno looking good on anything smaller than about 6′ by 6′, and being even readable on a 30′ monitor.

Of course, Baldwin wouldn’t have any hands left if he did an animated Bruno. So, Chris, if you’re reading this – DON’T DO IT.

[…] Apparently, T Campbell read the previous Fleen article and realized that his competitors were a step ahead of him again. […]

Not to bust your balls, but the Clickwheel thing has been going on awhile now behind the scenes contract wise–

Who knows if any of it is worth a damn though or not. I’ll be sure to REPORT THE TRUTH! heh…

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