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Ryuko Midori of The Green Avenger has added a new dimension to webcomics criticism: sexiness!

Most surprising bit: Ghastly keeps the tie and pipe even when doing a Chippendales routine. Somewhere, J.R. “Bob” Dobbs is slackishly weeping in envy.

Scariest bit: “A rugged, blurry man, Mr. Rosenberg has hair that models would kill for, and a beard that has killed many a man with jealousy. His gaze seems to say, “I know why you stare, and it is because I am so very handsome.” Why has this man not been contracted to model for the covers of romance novels yet? Harlequin must be KICKING themselves.”

I smell a new signature quote. Bravo, Ms Midori, bravo!

Goddamn it, I really do need to get some proper photos taken. It’s unethical to take photos of cartoonists out of context.

By the way, if any of you were wondering if I have any influence over the editorial process here, this should be all the evidence you need that Fleen is totally out of my control.

Well, I certainly didn’t expect that. Thanks for the link, guys. :) I love what you’re doing here.

[…] Item! Speaking of meltdowns: dying computers have recently hit strips as diverse as GPF and You Damn Kid, prompting Owne Dunne to redesign his site and add a blog complete with picture. He asks rhetorically, Do I look like you imagined? What with the sudden influx of sexy photos noted a few days ago, we’re awash in webcomicker visuals these days. This is just like finding out what Scott Simon looks like and saying, “Huh.” […]

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