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That Inbetweener They Got Is A Total Hack

Here’s that comment that Jeff avoided so assiduously: we’re pleased to review PvP Alive!, the first of a promised series of animated interludes. Hey, remember the original Spider-Man cartoons? Strip out the color from that bad boy, add in a few frame transitions, involve fewer Canadians in the creation, and that’s a pretty good approximation of Kristopher Straub’s “Blamimation”. The story (Skull can’t sleep so he bugs Brent; alternately wacky and sexy hijinks follow) is also arguably better than what came out of my TV when I was a wee sprat.

But this is the thing: in college, I was part of the creative team of a weekly comedy show at the campus radio station. Forget being able to pace a visual gag (something Kurtz and Straub know a little bit about) … writing funny for the radio is hard. The best you can hope for is that you come up with some in-jokes between friends and not too many people call up the request line to tell you that you suck. From their voices, it’s clear that Kurtz and Straub are having a good time (and if you drink as many beers before watching PvP Alive! as SK & KS did before recording it, you’ll enjoy it too). Really, that’s the only criteria that you can use to judge this little venture — they’re enjoying themselves, and if they keep up with the threatened further episodes, they’ll likely get better. If they get better enough, they might make Tim Buckley reconsider his price points. Now that would be funny.

Yeah, but is it like juice? IS IT LIKE JUICE BRENT

That was great. It was like listening to CRACK.

Glad you guys like id.

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