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News Flash!

The following item is hot off the presses and posted entirely without comment.

Scott Kurtz wrote:, in association with Nightlight Press is pleased to start off 2006 with a bang.

Since the strip started in 1998, PvP readers have been clamoring to see their favorite characters BROUGHT TO LIFE on their computer screens. Well, thanks to some ingenious technology, that possibility is a reality TODAY!

To bring PvP ALIVE! to life, I consulted with world renowned “Fantastician”, Kristofer Straub about finding an affordable and efficient way to bring PvP ALIVE! on a regular basis. Kristopher has recently been tinkering with a new media called BLAMIMATION that he’s been looking to try out on a new project.

And so, PvP and Nightlight press is proud to present the first of many episodes of our brand new feature: PvP ALIVE!

Well. Okay.

One comment.

Scott may have had too much eggnog this season.

pvp alive link in this section is borked.

Fixed, thanks.

I’ll make a note to always include ‘http://’ from now on.

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