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Feelings, Whoah Whoah Whoa…

Eric Conveys An Emotion is not exactly a webcomic. It is not in any way sequential – it never tells a story. It’s not drawn and scripted and then inked and scanned. It’s not carefully constructed inside a three-d gaming experience, it’s not dilligently researched and photographed before having carefully posed models inserted. It’s not painstakingly drawn one overly large pixel at a time. It’s not a series of quick jokes overlaid on a constant art background, it’s not an ongoing neo-philosophical beat-poetry dialogue between two distinct personality types…

In fact, pretty much, it’s just a series of gag shots of some Asian guy making faces at the camera. But they are very funny gag shots, and he’s a funny looking Asian guy.

A case could be made, though, that Eric Conveys An Emotion is a photographic comic, in the style of Exploding Dog. If Eric weren’t too busy at his job to update regularly, this post would probably be making that case.

Instead, let’s take it for granted that he is not making a webcomic with Eric Conveys an Emotion. So why am I discussing it?

His other project, Eric Conveys an Emotion: Adventure Edition is a photographic webcomic. And he just updated!

And if Eric Conveys an Emotion was a webcomic, wouldn’t it be the oldest photographic web comic out there?

It’s really a great idea though.

It could be seen as a webcomic, though. No less than many others.

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