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Post-Hangover Blues

It seems that a fairly vast webcomics empire has gone kablooie. (Is that how you spell kablooie?)

This is basically old news, at this point – it’s not clear how long they’ve been down. If you have a favorite comic there, you already know this, and you already know where it’s gone. But if there’s something you only check in with once a week or a month, they’ve got a migration list of where strips have gone.

They also appear to be looking for volunteers for an open source replacement for their systems. There are probably still creators out there who are despairing for a new home for their comic.

If you’ve got resources to give, or time to spare, I’m sure they’d appreciate it. If nothing else, a quick visit to see some of the migrated sites would probably be a nice little Christmas boost in readership for the artists.

Calvin agrees with you: remember “Hamster Huey and the Gooey Kablooie“?

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