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Three Fingered Salute

Tim Buckley is one of the growing number of webcomic artists who have achieved enough success to be doing what they love full time, without need or want for another job.

Ctl-Alt-Del has achieved this success through the usual means – good art, consistent effort, interesting characters and well-written story arcs full of twists and surprises. He’s also willing to start a few fires.

Despite being a gamer comic, about two guys who sit on a couch and play video games, Tim finds new and strange stories to tell and characters to introduce, and then kill.

Ctl-Alt-Del is one of the better comics out there, and Tim deserves all the credit and all the blame he gets. You could do a lot worse than to read this on a regular basis. Although rumor has it you don’t want to play Worlds of Warcraft with him.

But the big news these days at Ctl-Alt-Del is that it’s going animated!

This is practicaly unprecedented in the webcomic world, and should be very interesting to follow.

I dunno, I have found the strip becoming more tiresome as time goes by- I have stopped reading recently.

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