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Nice Job Matching The Color Palette, Too

Lots of serious talk in various quarters about the angsty QC storyline. But Josh Mirman is the first to remind us that Serious Things provide the best fodder for humor.

“But that’s horrible!” I hear you cry. “He can’t possibly joke about that!” He can. He did. He paced the gag perfectly. It was funny. And admit it — in your evil, black heart, you halfway expected the story to go this way, so no use complaining about it now. Kudos to Josh for reminding us that the more time we spend agonizing over Meaning and Purpose in comics, the more we tend to ignore their core function: to make us forget life and its attendant stressors for a bit (laughing optional, but highly recommended). Accomplish that, and whatever Meaning and Purpose you want to argue over are moot.

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