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Some Really Questionable Content

In 1996, my father committed suicide. It’s been nearly ten years, and the impact of this event is still rattling around in my personality and my family. I’m still trying to find my way back to the person I was about to be when he died.

Jeph Jacques is using this to make jokes.

Unlike Faye, the reasons my dad did himself in were not nearly as mysterious. It really doesn’t make it any better though.

But Jeph is strolling blithely down a very dangerous road with his current storyline. By taking on such a personal and traumatic subject, he is running the risk of inducing emotional trainwrecks in complete strangers.

Which, in it’s own way, is pretty darned cool. Karma, Schmarma… Who wants a Shawarma?

I much prefer my random acts of emotional cruelty with a light cucumber/garlic sauce.

Although my source on this is Jeph’s news post, it sounded like he was getting some pretty decent feedback regarding the strip from people who’ve suffered similar losses.
Not having lost a family member to suicide, I won’t bother talking about how the storyline has affected me (esp. regarding losing friends to suicide), except to say that I suppose it doesn’t occur to me to take other people’s suffering (even mine) into account while enjoying what I think is a well-written web comic.

That’s bullshit. I’m very sorry about your father, that must have been terrible, but Jacques is not using suicide “to make jokes.” He is explaining his characters, and developing his story’s background. Everyone else has recognized this, why can’t you?

Jeph is definitely using the story he is telling to make jokes. And I’m actually fine with that – he’s telling some funny jokes.

And I recognize what he’s doing, and I think he’s handling it very well.

That doesn’t change the fact that what he’s doing is dangerous – just like juggling live chainsaws. Even if the person juggling the chainsaws is really good at what they’re doing, and even if they take every precaution… Someone could still get hurt.

And the suicide angle in QC was a big surprise – and Jeph planned it that way.

And springing that one someone who has recently lived through that can be very traumatic.

See? Dangerous.

Not bad.

Just dangerous.

People with damage have triggers. Personally, there are a couple very specific things that, when I am exposed to them, send me into massive panic attacks. I do my best to avoid those triggers, but sometimes they pop up where I’m least expecting it.

Do I blame people or media outlets or whatever for putting these triggers in my path? Nope. It’s not their fault that this stuff freaks me out.

So on one hand, I am sincerely sorry to hear that recent QC stuff has brought up some unpleasant stuff for you. I know how that feels, it’s no fun at all (to put it mildly).

At the same time though, I couldn’t tell the story I’m trying to tell without bringing that stuff up. I agree, I’m walking a tricky road- but then, I’ve always felt like QC was a tricky road to walk.

That’s pretty much all I’m trying to say – You’re walking a tricky road, and you might hit people’s triggers without knowing it. And then that will be unpleasant for people – whom you never met and might never hear from.

You didn’t really bring up unpleasant stuff for me. But thanks for apologizing anyway!

And I quite like QC.

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