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Ignoring Schedules, Increasing Output

One of the most encouraging things happening in webcomics is the return of Lore “One Half of Brunching Shuttlecocks” Sjoberg’s Lore Brand Comics to regular updates. Three open panels of internal dialogue that leads to a humorous insight; it’s Garfield without the massive suck.

But what’s really interesting here is that the update schedule is better described as somewhat-regular, as Lore’s taken all his various projects away from the regular publication model. As he reminds us:

But that’s not the only paradigm out there. American television writers get the summer off. British television writers — well, I’m not sure how British television works, but apparently it involves all the good shows lasting maybe eighteen episodes. Some writers even work on projects one at a time with no particular schedule. Startling!

Of course, irregular schedules are no fun if you really want to keep current with a favorite site. This is why Lore Brand Comics (and his other projects) now feature RSS feeds for your comfort and convenience.

Interestingly, it’s led to far more updates than in the past. Lore Brand Comics hadn’t seen a weekly update in six months or more, and now we’ve gotten six in the past two and a half weeks (output on his other sites has likewise exploded). Webcomics creators with chronic trouble meeting a self-imposed schedule (which leads to frustration about not meeting a schedule, which rarely improves the flow of creative juices) may do well to consider this alternate model; it won’t work for everyone, but for some it may lead to a more relaxed creative environment and better comics.

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