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Convention, Convention, And A Break From Conventional Wisdom

Ready for some cool stuff? Let’s do this.

  • I’ll confess, when TopatoCon announced that it was shifting venues from the hotel/conference center to Eastworks, I had some trepidation regarding one of the cooler things that was on tap. To quote TopatoCo/Make That Thing/TopatoCon honcho Holly Rowland:

    [T]here will be table service that will bring you beer and chicken fingers.

    But that was in the context of a hotel! Would there be such amenities at Eastworks? Then again, the event schedule involves at least two separate sessions on Saturday that involve booze (one of which, I will be speaking), and now today comes further news:

    Hey! You! Do you like beer? We’re going to be hosting local beer tastings all weekend at the TopatoCon bar! […] Free with admission!

    I don’t have the capability for emoji here on Fleen, but there were no fewer than six emoji of frosty beer mugs in that tweet. And maybe we’ll get table service after all.

  • I’m not sure what’s going on in the November/December timeframe in Austin, Texas, but it appears that the traditional season of Webcomics Rampage is shifting to earlier in the year this year. Dragon’s Lair — comic shop extraordinaire and WR sponsor — has announced that this year’s Webcomics Rampage (the seventh such) will be 16 – 18 October, with 14 confirmed guests so far. I hear that Austin’s really nice in October, and hope that running just a week after New York Comic Con doesn’t keep them from adding another webcomics luminary or two.
  • This page has mentioned in the past the efforts of Katie Lane to help get creative types paid, including classes she’s run on that very topic, on multiple occasions. Today, I’m pleased to see that Lane is expanding her efforts and making it even easier for you to learn the skills you need to not get screwed on your work:

    The Ace Freelancer’s Guide to Getting Paid goes on sale next week!

    Before you follow that link, check out the tweet and the gif embedded therein; Katie Lane wants you to get paid.

    Okay, now click through and sign up for the next class session on how to get paid. If you have a history (and be honest with yourself) of falling into the trap of thinking that you’re overcharging, and how it’s not good to be pushy, and if you’re just patient they’ll surely get around to cutting your check sometime this century — you know, the lies the people who employ freelancers are trying like hell to transform into conventional wisdom — you can sign up for the super-duper version of the class that includes a one-on-one consult.

    Your work has value. Even if you aren’t charging much, you damn well have the right to be paid the amount agreed upon, in the timeframe agreed upon. The sob story being pushed by the people who agreed how much/when to pay you does not change your basic needs (i.e.: food and shelter) and you can cut through the bullshit and get what you are due.

    Like everything else in your career, getting paid is a skill, and investing in developing that skill will reward you for the duration of your working life. Look over the syllabus. Look over your billing history. Look inside yourself. And then do what you gotta do to get paid.

Spam of the day:

Though this is not recommended, you could wish to look around to be able to lenders until you are capable of amass just how much you will need from multiple small loans

Somewhere, Spike is preparing to nail a copy of Poorcraft’s chapter on debt and borrowing to the forehead of the sumbitch that wrote this spam.

Messing With PHP Because WordPress; How Are You?

[tap, tap] This thing on? Trying to figure out if what I think was a shift of PHP will keep WordPress running; Brad Guigar ran a guest piece from Phil Hofer at Webcomics Dot Com a couple days back; it’s behind a paywall so I’m not going to quote it, but it’s something you should look into. Pre-emptive apologies if I break anything here.

  • In the meantime, y’all saw the announcement from Hope Larson yesterday about her collaboration with Rebecca Mock, right? Cover and story for Compass South are at Comics Alliance, which looks to combine Larson’s always-sharp writing with Mock’s lush art¹, which is going to be an absolute delight in combination. Best news: it’s the first book of a series! Worst news: because of print lead times, it’ll be summer 2016 before we see it. You know what? It’s a fair trade.
  • It appears that I will be presenting at TopatoCon, alongside Frank Gibson and TopatoCo’s own Holly Rowland on the topic of cocktails (see yesterday for details). Guys, I am so excited about this. Come see us nerd out on booze-mixing! Learn my feelings on falernum! Ice! Stirring vs shaking! And if you’re very good I’ll share the recipe for the Pineapple Maki which is made in a pineapple and is delicious.

    The original session title, Let’s Drink About It with Harrison and Bowman, now seems inaccurate, so I’m going to suggest Frank, Gary, and Holly Save Boozemas as a substitute. Presumably it will take place same time/place (Saturday, 26 September, 5:00pm — 6:30pm, Room One), but stay tuned here for any possible updates.

Spam of the day:

Bartender was very friendly and made… I’ve come here on many occasions for dates as well as business lunches/dinners. The atmosphere is cozy and relaxed and the decor is beautiful and…

If you can’t tell me what the bartender made, then never darken my email inbox again.

¹ I love Larson’s work and think she’ll go down as one of the most important comics artists of the century, but her art style can tend to the sparse. I don’t want to say it’s minimalist, but she definitely gets across her ideas with a high-contrast, let-the-reader-fill-in-the-details-in-their-brain approach. Mock’s art is more detail oriented, perhaps less restrained?

This Is Weirdly Resonant

So about the time that I was writing about Ryan North starring in a webcommerical for arguably terrible computer vendor Lenovo, North was answering a philosophical question. Namely, Can Ryan North, a giant of a man, find a hole so deep that he cannot get out of it? The answer apparently being Yup, for about 40 minutes, which was Storified for the historical record.

That would not be the end of it.

The Internet, having been entranced by North’s ordeal (we do, as a culture, seem to have a fascination with people stuck in holes), was not letting go. First The Guardian reported it as a fairly straight news item, almost no smirk detectable. The Toronto Star joined in this morning, and a text adventure produced last night allows you to replay the entire thing ZORK style. As usual, the final word was provided by Rich Stevens, who noted that North got into the hole with his faithful hound Noam Chompsky:

@ryanqnorth The fact that your dog stood by and let you fall down the well leads me to believe his philosophy is …


Now let’s all put our heads down and think about this for a while.

In other news:

  • Dammit, a program at TopatoCon that I was really looking forward to (cf: yesterday) is canceled due to the presenters not being able to attend. We’ll miss you, Chris and Benjamin. Now, because I am helpful, and because I have spent a number of years slowly learning from one of the best bartenders in the business, I’m willing to volunteer to fill in for Ben & Chris and run the session on the history, theory, and practice of cocktails. There will be a number of people at TopatoCon who are at least as knowledgeable about mixed drinks as I am, and I’m sure we can do a credible job. Showrunners, how about it? Let’s save Boozemas!
  • While we’re talking about comics and drinks, you’ll find both at the Cartoon Art Museum’s Night of 1000 Sketches, a fundraiser to benefit their move/celebration of 14 years at their location in The Mission. Artists from around the Bay Area will be drawing (and drinking), sketching for attendees in exchange for donations (US$10 and up) to the moving fund. Details on tickets and such will be forthcoming, but the date will be Thursday, 10 September, so mark that on your calendar now.

Spam of the day:

Make all your fantasies come true. Personal Preview expires 08/18/15
Ashley Madison is the top rated married-dating company in the U.S., dedicated to your pleasure.
PS: We have been featured in Maxim, USA Today, and Sports Illustrated!

I know that I mentioned this particular spam earlier, but given that the 10GB data dump of Ashley Madison’s userbase occurred earlier today, this is an especially bad time to be trying this particular attempt to … what? Get me to sign up to an entirely insecure service?

Oh, and that PS should include other locations you’ve been features, like Krebs On Security, Techdirt, and the twitterfeed of Securitay. Sucks to be you.

Too Much Going On Today

Tuesday as busy day? Very odd.

  • We start, as we have done with increasing frequency over the past five months or so, with TopatoCon, on account of they keep announcing stuff. Today it’s fact that ticket sales are now live and the preliminary programing schedule is now up.

    There are some unfortunate conflicts in the schedule, such as Saturday afternoon when the Let’s Drink About It guys will be talking cocktails (oooh!) at the same time that Christopher Hastings will be leading a workshop on writing sketch comedy. This is tragic, because Hastings is a creative mixer of drinks and would greatly enjoy the LDAI session, but one can’t have everything (I’ll go there on your behalf, Chris, promise).

    It’s also ironic that on Sunday afternoon, there will be discussion with Wes Citti and Tony Wilson about how to Play Nice With Others at the same time that David Malki !, Spike, Kate Leth, and Randy Milholland will be talking about how Internet People are basically dicks who’ve forgotten how to Play Nice With Others.

  • Speaking of small conventions heavy with indie-type creators, SPX have announced the Ignatz Award Nominations for 2015, and there are a couple of names that stand out. Specifically, Jillian Tamaki is all over the damn thing (and deservedly so), with nominations for Outstanding Artist, Outstanding Anthology or Collection (both for SuperMutant Magic Academy), and Outstanding Story (“Sex Coven”, from Frontier #7).

    Other webcomics types include Emily Carroll for Outstanding Artist (Through the Woods), Sophie Goldstein¹ for Outstanding Graphic Novel and Outstanding Comic (both for The Oven), and Box Brown for Outstanding Anthology or Collection (An Entity Observes All Things). The category of Outstanding Online Comic itself has nominees

    Best of luck to all the nominees. The Ignatz Awards will be presented at SPX, 19 September, in Bethesda, Maryland.

  • Speaking of longtime webcomickers who are looking to spend more time making webcomics and less time at the day job (okay, we weren’t, but work with me), David Morgan-Mar (PhD, LEGO®©™etc) is about to join your ranks. Having spent more than a dozen years making more than a dozen comics with literally an infinite number of updates, Morgan-Mar has decided that the drudgery and unrewarding nature of the day job² is less fun that making comics and other creative things, and you can help make it possible:

    News: Hey folks, I have good news! I have talked with my manager and HR department at work, and confirmed that I can reduce my working hours to 9 days per fortnight. That means I could spend one full day every two weeks making more creative stuff!

    But I have a mortgage and bills to pay, and am very risk averse. So I have posted a goal of raising US$750 a month on Patreon to partly offset my resulting loss in income. If I can reach this goal, I will make this move and dedicate a day every fortnight to making more comics, books, podcasts, videos, and other cool stuff. This will include raising the number of new Irregular Webcomic! strips to 4 per week.

    And if I can get to the dream goal of $1500 a month, I can quit my day job one day per week, and Irregular Webcomic! will return to a full 7 new strips per week. Spread the word! And please consider supporting my Patreon. Thank you to all of you

    For reference, Morgan-Mar is presently at just under US$450/month, or 60% of the way to goal. And honestly, if there’s anybody that should be able to be a full-time creative, it’s Morgan-Mar. The dude’s got more ideas per cm³ than anybody else on the planet. I can’t wait to see what he can come up with when he can spend full days on his ideas instead of a stolen hour or two.

  • Kickstarts? Kickstarts! Alina Pete is doing a card game based on the concept of the tarot, sitting about 18.5% of goal as she comes into the back third of the campaign time. This one needs a big bump if it’s gonna get made. On the other end of the spectrum, Ryan Sohmer is looking to make three books of Least I Could Do and is about 35% of the way to goal since launching yesterday. The Fleen Funding Formula (mk II) doesn’t apply to either project due to the low backer counts, where predicted results and actual results diverge violently.
  • I have serious problems with Lenovo these days due to their terrible, terrible decisions re: privacy-invading design decisions in their consumer line of laptops, so they are very lucky that Ryan North is a likable dude with an adorable dog and he’s willing to promote their ThinkPad line4. I am sorry to say that I don’t trust the company you are promoting, but we are still cool, Ryan.

Spam of the day:

Do you have any tips for rookie blog writers? I’d certainly appreciate it.

Footnotes, man. Readers dig footnotes.

¹ Goldstein is also listed as a member of the Jury, but please note two things about the Ignatz rules: the Jury is anonymous, even to the other members, during the nomination process, and while Jury members may not nominate their own work, there is no prohibition from one Juror’s work being nominated for an award by his or her fellow Jurors. I trust that Ms Goldstein recused herself from any decision that would have resulted in her own nominations.

² Working on image-processing for a corporate research arm and helping to set the ISO standards for image definitions. Such boring and unappreciated scut-work! Might as well work retail.

I almost said all of that with a straight face. Next time for sure!

³ That’s a “power of three”, or cubic centimeter, not a footnote.

4 Which line doesn’t seem to have been affected by Lenovo’s terrible, terrible decisions — which is actually even worse, because the ThinkPads are mostly aimed at corporate customers that are best able to detect and mitigate such terrible, terrible decisions. The consumer-grade laptops that Lenovo sold pre-compromised are hitting the demographic least able to defend themselves. Never buying another Lenovo product, but man, Chompsky’s cute.

It’s Changing Faster Than I Can Adapt! Soon It Will Achieve True Intelligence!

TopatoCon, that is. For starters, there’s more names on the exhibitor’s page — I noticed Kevin Budnick, Gillian Goerz, Jonathan Griffiths, Phil Kahn, and Stacey King in addition to the previoiusly-announced guest below the cut — and there’s news of a pre-con concert!

TopatoCon proudly presents:

To kick off our convention weekend, we’ve invited some of our favorite musicians to play a concert that’s open to the public!

8 p.m., Doors open at 7:30
Academy of Music Theatre
274 Main St
Northampton, MA 01060

$15 General
$12 Students

Purchase at the box office, by telephone at (413) 584-9032, ext. 105, or click here to order online.

Reminder: this is before the con even starts, and you’re entertained; further, those that have never seen The Doubleclicks or Molly Lewis before can sample their (considerable) talents and have the opportunity to meet them the next day (although Lewis isn’t listed on the exhibitor site yet, I doubt she’s getting out of town immediately after the show) and buy all their stuff. That’s at least a win-win, possiby a win-win-win-win.

In other news there’s a pair of comics that tell stories about being in comics. The first is from Maki Naro, and tells of his righteous irritation at yet another “contest” for illustration/comics pros that amounted to spec work; he actually submitted it to the contest-holders in question, which I think is brilliant and laudable. The other is from Faith Erin Hicks (h/t: Heidi Mac at The Beat), and tells of how you can only break into comics by knowing the secret handshake and living in a big city oh wait no, that’s not how it works. Both of them are worth your time.

Spam of the day:

You are requested to claim your pending commission
payout in the amount of $7,302.29 earned since
you registered for our programme.

Best regards,


Bite me, “Gary”


Multiple Media

There are a couple of offshoots of webcomickry in other realms of expression that caught my eye today, plus the list of SPX exhibitors is live. Let’s go down the list, shall we?

Spam of the day:

In days gone by, should you stood a bankruptcy or even a foreclosure, getting approved with an car finance was like pulling teeth

Days gone by? Are we talking like the pre-lidocaine era?

¹ Oh please, oh please, let ASW recurring character Ryan North be part of this play!

Now With More Drifters

The fine folks behind the next great webcomics-centric convention (that would be Holly and Sara) released a bit more information, including an updated exhibitor list, information on where to stay, and transportation options. Let’s dive in.

On the Exhibitor page I spy a few new names, including Z Akhmetova, Lex Cornell, Shelby Cragg, M Dean, Sarah Tacey, and Jim Zub. There are some corrections as well, with the former Skullmandible now listed as Cohen Edenfield (Skullmandible), and Kori Michele as Kori Michele Handwerker. Also, Jeph Jacques has confirmed that he will be there after all. Compare to the previous exhibitor list, which is below the cut.

Also, the hotel listings and directions are now up, the latter of which includes something that I’ve never seen before: a con-provided rideshare forum, so that if you happen to be passing by one of the airports or rail stations, you can maybe pick somebody up for a cut of gas money and tolls.

Naturally, one should take all possible precautions in utilizing this method of transit, as this discussion between showrunner Sara McHenry and exhibitor Dante Shepherd shows:

So far two TopatoCon exhibitors have signed up on the attendee rideshare spreadsheet. Working with cartoonists is fun and cool always

Will I have to mention that my truck does not have AC and I like to stop to give drifters rides too if I sign the list

I think that’s an assumed level of risk.

(Dunno if I’d trust that Shepherd guy if I were you — he claims to have a pseudonym to separate his comics from his academic career, but how much do we really know about him?)

Still to come: programming, events, and fun things to do in town. Stay tuned to this page for information as it become available.

Spam of the day:

Protect Your Deck from Winter,

As soon as I get a deck, I promise to get back to you so we can protect it from winter in the middle of August.


That Post-:01 Week Letdown

Well, no, not really, but that was a concentrated burst of good stuff I got to talk about last week, so maybe I’m feeling a little nostalgic. Then again, nostalgia is a disease, so let us look forward, not backward¹.

  • Speaking of nostalgia, I got to spend some time on Saturday night with an old friend in an old familiar place; the Peculier Pub is not only a key location in the history of Goats, but it’s the location where more than ten years ago Jon Rosenberg gently strongarmed me into starting this here blog².

    Sharing beer and scotch with the soulkeeper was a too-uncommon-these-days treat, and we even got to talk a little webcomics along the way. Namely, Jon is fired up for his forthcoming Tales of the Drive guest story for Los Angeles resident Dave Kellett, and his reason for doing so can be summed up in one word: Nosh. Everybody I’ve spoken too about TotD seems to be Noshphilic, so if LARDK ever gets to make, say, a Drive movie or series, we know who the first action figure will be.

  • Also at the drink-up: once and future associate editor of The Nib Matt Lubchansky and I got to talk about the impending funding-out of The Nib’s print collection, Eat More Comics. Specifically, we spoke about how Lubchansky had been drawing all the custom portraits for high-value backers that afternoon.

    More specifically, we spoke about our priorities in stretch goals (Lubchansky wants to see backers get bonus exclusive comics from Zach Weinersmith, R Stevens, Gemma Correll, and Matt Bors; I want to see the higher page rate for the creators). Even more specifically, Lubchansky is grateful for the efforts of Make That Thing on the production/fulfillment end, as it means that Eat More Comics will premiere at SPX³ and he won’t have to mail the damn things from his apartment. Everybody feel good for Matt Lubchansky!

  • From Heidi Mac, news that the Society of Illustrators has announced a new venue for the 2016 MoCCA Fest, seeing as how the very neat space they found this year is being chopped up for condos. Next year the Fest heads uptown to Metropolitan West, which is an event space that seems classy, airy, open, and will no doubt get chopped up into condos sometime in 2018.

    Panels will (as they were this year) be held at a nearby upscale hotel — this time, Ink48 (which being part of the storied Kimpton chain, is a place that knows how to treat people right). Metropolitan West is at 46th Street across the street from the Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum, and Ink48 about two blocks away at 11th & 48th. That corner of the island isn’t especially well served by subway, meaning that the streak of slight inaccessiblity for Manhattan shows remains intact.

Spam of the day:

Natl Gun Assoc, “You Must Have This [flashlight] to Survive a Crisis”

I’m a little surprised and suspicious that the National Gun Association wants me to have a flashlight more than, you know, a gun.

¹ Upward, not forward, etc, etc.

² For which I will be in equal measure grateful and resentful for the rest of our lives.

³ A mere 38 days after the campaign ends, possibly less than a month after the Kickstarter check clears.

Holy Cats

  • Holy cats! Raina Telgemeier has somehow slipped, as the latest iteration of the New York Times Best Seller List includes only three of her books, in the relatively modest #4, 5, and 6 slots (although we’re also a mere four weeks away from Sisters being on the list for 52 consecutive weeks, so there’s that). Not to worry; although the first Baby-Sitters Club color reissue has slipped off the list (after dropping to #10 last week, its 11th on the list), the second BSC color reissue released the day before yesterday.

    You can see where I’m going with this.

    There’s a lag time on the NYTBSL, but I’ma guess we’re shortly going to see The Truth About Stacey join Smile, Drama, and Sisters, and very possibly see the return of Kristy’s Great Idea. Can we do five Telgemeier books simultaneously? With the remaining two BSC color reissues due in October and January, could we see an actual majority of the ten slots owned by books about tween girls? No bets, my friends.

  • Holey Cats! Now this is how you meet promised Kickstarter fulfillment goals:

    When we launched our Kickstarter back in January, we hoped to sell 500 copies of our game. With that in mind, we wrote the following on our Kickstarter page: “Estimated delivery: July 2015″

    We wound up selling more than 500 copies. We sold 460,000 copies.

    I know we promised we’d deliver in July. But that’s a lot of things we had to do. So, the new expected delivery date is …

    Still July!

    Yep, kittens that ‘splode start their rolling shipping today; it would be impossible to ship to ship every one of the 220,000-odd (some very odd) backers in 122 different countries on the same day, despite the fact that the EK crüe have sent massive quantities of games to various countries around the world to ship domestically, rather than from the US (which would involve customs, and international shipping, and headaches and delays and missing packages galore). Heck, they had to partner with six companies for production and fulfillment, including seeing the Cards Against Humanity folks set up an entire company — Blackbox — just to handle the shipping and notifications.

    Those specific details — 122 countries, six companies, Blackbox — all come from the shipping-commencement announcement along with other facts about the game; my favorite fact-cluster is that printing the 26.8 million cards required 2356 gallons¹ of paint, producing a gross tonnage of 104,000 pounds² requiring 17 rail-car sized shipping containers to hold them all. You can find at least one member ExKit team at GenCon, with copies of the game, just in case you didn’t back the campaign and/or can’t wait until sometime next week. And if you need a primer on how to play, they released a video starring the voice of Dr Krieger, because listening to Lucky Yates talk about stuff exploding won’t cause nightmares at all.

  • Depending on what topics he decides to cover, there may or may not be cats (holy or otherwise) involved! Ryan Estrada is feelin’ creative again, and we all know what that means: a burst of comics to bury ourselves in. This time, he’s decided to do fake pitches for licensed comics based on existing concepts, and Dylan Meconis has already tossed the first suggestion out: an animated version of Murder She Wrote. But Estrada being Estrada, he’s already got a half-dozen in the pipeline, and posted his unlicensed adaptation of Bringing Out The Dead. Keep your eye on Unlicensed By Ryan Estrada for more insanity in the coming … forever, possibly.

Spam of the day:

All are hands-free, water-proof, rechargeable, and 100% medical grade silicone. There are specific nipple toys which are created to improve nipple stimulation.

Hey, Erika and Matt? I think this one is for you.

¹ Just shy of 9000 liters, or 0.007230289 acre-feet.

² About 47,200 kilos, or 1 adult humpback whale.

Okay, Not Spam Per Se, But Close Enough

More of a trolling attempt, actually.

If you’ll indulge me a little, I want to rearrange the order of things on today’s post.

Spam of the day:

um, he book WAS DONE WHEN HE STARTED THE KICKSTARTER, WAS Intended to help _print the damn book_ hello??!???!!!!!!!!!! IT WAS DONE WHEN IT STARTED!!!!! But you’ll believe his bullshit about being stressed causing him to be a YEAR AND A HALF LATE???


I suppose I should start with the acknowledgement that I’m breaking one of the fundamental rules of the internet by reading the comments, but there’s a general exception for reading comments on your own site; indeed, this comment was submitted here to Fleen in re: our most recent post on Something Terrible and held for moderation¹. Its author is using what I believe to be a pseudonym and fake email address, which is always the sign of quality opinions! Let’s address the author’s points one at a time, shall we?

  • That sure is a lot of correctly-spelled words, Bill (Can I call you Bill? That’s the name you gave although I doubt it’s yours). Not so much with the spacing, capitalization, punctuation, grammar, and syntax, though.
  • Regarding the book being done when [the Kickstarter campaign] started, surely somebody as erudite as yourself will acknowledge that pre-press design is a skillset in and of itself, and having images for web done is not the same as just sending things off to press.
  • Regarding [Trippe’s] bullshit about being stressed, two things: First, please educate yourself on the concepts of depression and PTSD, which are not the same thing as being stressed. Second, Trippe’s been remarkably honest in social media and in person about the toll that telling his story has had on him. You may, from your comfortable distance, have decided that it’s bullshit, but I’d defy you to talk with the guy in person and come to the same conclusion. Dean’s one of the most open and honest people I’ve ever met.
  • Regarding a YEAR AND A HALF LATE???, PDFs meeting the lower tiers of Kickstarter pledges were promised in April of 2014, physical hardcopies in June of 2014². Certainly they’re late, but your all-caps exaggeration does not do your argument any favors.
  • Regarding YOU. ARE. AN. IDIOT., it’s entirely possible (have you been talking to my family?), but what about this particular project has you so het up (as my grandmother used to say)? Dissatisfied backer? Trippe’s already made the offer to refund you, which granted means that you lost out on the massive interest you would have earned on your pledge amount over the course of a year. Tell ya what, Bill, I’ll make good on that twelve cents you lost out on. Worried for my financial well-being because I got scammed? That’s adorable, thanks for your concern.
  • Not specific to anything you wrote, but are you familiar with Kickstarter? Almost nothing fulfills on time. That’s practically built into the site’s DNA.

It’s interesting, though, that you’re so concerned about getting THE TRUTH!!!!!!one!!!! about evil, evil Dean Trippe and stupid, stupid Gary Tyrrell out there, speaking boldly against our obvious corruption and collusion. You’ve had many opportunities to do so since January of 2014³ when I started writing about the campaign.

But you dropped in a drive-by comment from with a fake name and fake email, leading me to believe you aren’t a regular reader as they tend to be reasonable people who aren’t afraid to sign their own names to their opinions. I’m talking about something that I like and you have come into my metaphorical home to tell me Trippe’s full of shit and I’m an idiot — thanks so much for your obvious righteousness, but it was an unnecessary effort.

Much like the last 600 or so words I’ve spent on this response; I trust that we’ve both gotten this out of our systems and can go find other people who are wrong on the internet to confront?

  • Speaking of book Kickstarts, Steve Hamaker has just launched one to print volume one of Plox, and it would be really cool if he could spend GenCon weekend (where he’ll be tabling with Scott Kurtz & co at the Toonhound Studios table) not worrying about if it was gonna fund or not.

    Hamaker’s one of the low-key maestros of modern [web]comics, a colorist that makes even the best work better, and he doesn’t get enough attention for his own creations. Back it now, and if you see him in Indianapolis be sure to let him know that if he doesn’t have the book to you by the last day of March 2016, Bill up above is gonna have a fit at him how much you enjoy his work.

  • In other news, Los Angeles Resident Dave Kellett has announced the latest contributor to his Tales of the Drive project:

    So! That makes 4 super fun DRIVE short stories written/drawn by @ZachWeiner @drhastings @dmeconis and @jonrosenberg!

    That would be Zach Weinersmith, Christopher Hastings, Dylan Meconis, and Jon Rosenberg (okay, that last one was a little obvious). Judging from Twitter traffic ‘tother night, Rosenberg’s still in the writing stage, and LARDK hasn’t said when he’s going to start posting story pages yet. Maybe a nice little back-to-school celebration? A whole story up as a Thanksgiving present? Come on, LARDK, give us something to mark on our calendars and pine away in anticipation for!

¹ Typically, this happens for tripping keyword lists, having excessive links in the body of the message, or being from unfamiliar IP addresses.

² Which, between you and me, was optimistic in the extreme; closing the campaign in February, if everything went perfectly, means that hardcover books before September of 2104 would be just barely possible.

³ Is that where you got the year and a half from?